The road to here through stories

Textilmuseet (the Textile Museum of Sweden) / Borås / Sweden / 2018
Role: Exhibition producer / Curator / Spatial exhibition designer / Graphic designer / Art director. 

We have all come here for different reasons. Who are we and what do we dream about? The exhibition The road to here through stories (From the Sagas och vägen hit) summarizes the artistic work of 20 children in Borås. During the past year, on Monday afternoons the children have created texts and textiles in various workshops, painted and danced. All under the name of the Monday club (Måndagsklubben). 

My aim as a designer has been to showcase the children’s artistic practise with the same care and value as any artist. Lifting there stories and voices to the foreground. With the hope of creating a meeting place for children and the adults in there life. Create a place where they together trough play and exploration can open up a dialog about difficult topics such as exclusion, oppression, belonging and identity.

Photos by: Jan Berg. Illustrations for signage by: Ida Brogren. Mask and costume borrowed from Stadsteatern i Borås production of Astrid Lindgrens The Brothers Lionheart.

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_1 foto- Jan Berg

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_7 foto- Jan Bergweb_från sagorna och vägen hit_3 foto- Jan Berg

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_8

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_6 foto- Jan Berg

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_10

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_5 foto- Jan Berg

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_2 foto- Jan Berg

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_9

web_från sagorna och vägen hit_4 foto- Jan Berg

The Monday club (Måndagsklubben) that works for inclusion, togetherness, self-esteem and creativity is part of the Cultural Administration’s (Kulturförvaltningen) cooperation project Vägen hit. Conducted by Textilmuseet and Stadsteatern i Borås in collaboration with Svenska Kyrkan, Kulturföreningen Tåget, Rädda Barnen and Freelance Journalist Vildana Aganovic