HDK / Gothenburg / Sweden / 2015
Materials & Dimensions: Flour, butter, sugar etc. / talks and text.

The question of home is probably more charged today than it has ever been during my lifetime: refugee crisis, rural areas being depopulated, overcrowding and housing shortages in our cities. But what is a home? This was the question I posed to Martina, Linnéa, Shaker and Ea. These talks ended up becoming four short essays, a fika event (coffee and tea break event) and ended in an exhibition.


”I don’t like homes where everything is stored away. Naturally you should have integrity, but in your own home?” – Martina

”As an architect you seldom talk about home, we talk about residence, it’s the commercial or political word for it. Residence is something dry, it feels like a shell. It docent become a home until someone has moved in. You can build a house or an apartment block but it’s just material until someone has put there own value on it; if you move in and put an value on it as your home, then it will become a home.” – Linnéa

”I think home is walls and walls everywhere. But it’s also the aria. When talking about our situation, it’s either fear that makes you stay, or status. The fear that if you leave your home you will no longer have your group. Because if you are week you feel strong with them; being surrounded by people whom understand you.” – Shaker

”You need to be quite handy to be a squatter. Coming here it took some time to get used to the fact that when something breaks you can call the landlord to get it fixed. What I really like with rentals is that as long as you pay you can go traveling and come home and everything is exactly the way you left it.” – Ea